Manage My Online Account

You may access your online account only after you have logged in to the online library catalog. After you have entered your library card number and PIN (see below for more information about your password/PIN), you should see "My Account" in the dark blue bar across the top of the web page. After clicking "My Account", you will be able to review your account, renew your materials, and change your password/PIN.

The default password/PIN for all library cards is changeme. You may use this password/PIN or create a new personal password/PIN. If you want to create a new, personal password/PIN follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "Catalog/My Account" tab at the top of the library's homepage. At the top of the screen select "My Account" and type the barcode number on your library card in the space provided.
  2. For Password/PIN, type the word changeme.
  3. Under your address information, select "Change PIN".
  4. Type the word changeme in the "Current PIN" box.
  5. Make up a Password/PIN that you can easily remember. Your PIN should be at least 4 characters long and may include letters, numbers or a combination.
  6. Type this into the "New PIN" box and then again into the "Confirm New PIN" box.
  7. Select "Update".
  8. If you have successfully changed your password/PIN you will get a message that says "PIN has been changed".
  9. If you receive any other message, please call the library at 860-444-5805 for help.

Log in to the online library catalog.