Work Requiring a Permit

Building permits are required for the following types of work. Please keep in mind that this is a partial listing. If you have any questions as to whether or not your project requires a permit, please contact the building department for clarification.

Accessory BuildingsFinished BasementsPorchesSolar Systems
Additions GaragesRefrigeration /A/C Sun Rooms
BarnsGas FireplacesRemodelingSwimming Pools
Change of UsesGas PipingRenovationsTenant Fit-outs

Retaining Walls (over 3')

DemolitionMechanicalRoofing  Towers
DormersNew HomesShedsWindmills
ElectricalPellet StovesSidingWood Stoves
Fences (over 6’)PlumbingSigns

Issued permits are valid for 180 days. If work is not started or if work is not being diligently pursued by the applicant the permit may be revoked by the building official or will expire.

A 180-day extension may be issued by the building official provided the applicant can demonstrate reasonable cause. A request for an extension must be in writing.

The building official may specify an expiration date between 30 and 180 days for any permit if there is a need to abate unsafe conditions.

Building permits may be revoked upon discovery of false statements or misrepresentation of fact in the application or plans submitted.

A true copy of the building permit or receipt of payment for the permit until such time as the permit arrives via mail shall be kept at the project location in the plain site during the course of construction.

Prior to the issuance of a new permit(s) for a given property, any previous permits that have not been closed out will need to be reviewed and properly closed out.