Internet Safety & Library Technology Use Policy

The Waterford Public Library, Inc. is dedicated to providing books, materials and other resources to help the citizens of Waterford gain access to information and ideas. In keeping with this goal the Library provides public access to the worldwide network of information resources known as the Internet by means of either Library owned public computers or wireless devices (both Library and patron owned).

The Internet offers access to a wealth of information that can be personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. However, the Internet is not regulated or controlled by any governing body. The library cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy and authority of the information found on the Internet.

The Library respects a patron's right to both confidentiality and privacy. The Library will not release information collected by it on the use of electronic resources by patrons except as required by law. However, patrons are cautioned that the Library's Internet connection is not secure and any information being entered or transmitted could potentially be intercepted, viewed by another user, or lost. Users should take care when transmitting personal information (credit card numbers, passwords, or any other sensitive information). The Library is not responsible for any personal information input on a Library computer or for personal items or information left near computer workstations, printers or anywhere else on Library property.

As with all other Library materials, it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor their children's computer usage at the Library. Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet with their children and to set rules for their children including telling them never to give out identifying information, such as home address, school, telephone number, or email address, or to arrange a face-to-face meeting with another computer user without parent/guardian permission. There may be materials that one may find objectionable or inappropriate. Access to material of a controversial or mature nature, as well as material that is not accurate, complete or current is unavoidable. The library cannot protect computer users from information and images gathered on the Internet or for the nature of material that may be found.

All users of the Internet and Library provided technology, both hardware and software applications, are expected to use this resource in a responsible and courteous manner and to follow all Internet rules, guidelines and regulations established for its use. Any use of the Library's Internet connection for illegal, inappropriate or obscene purposes or in support of such activities is prohibited. Patrons must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including copyright and licensing agreements.

Guidelines and Regulations for Use of Adult / Teen Library Public Access Computers

  • Patrons must sign in at the Information Desk for the next available computer.
  • All use of computers is done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each session will be limited to 30 minutes if there are others waiting to use the computer.
  • No more than two people are permitted at a workstation at a time.
  • Patrons may not change the settings and configurations of the computers.
  • Patrons may use CDs, DVDs and flash drives but may not download or save any files to the hard drive or desktop. Patrons may not use software other than what is already available on Library computers. Flash drives are available for purchase at the Information Desk.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages to personal disks or flash drives used in Library computers.
  • Patrons must pay for all printing from public computers. Cost of printing is established by the Director. Patrons may not use their own paper in Library printers.
  • Library patrons may bring their own headphones to plug into Library computers or purchase earbuds at the Circulation Desk. Otherwise, the sound on the adult computers is not accessible.
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate a computer session at any time for inappropriate use.

Children's Computers

Computers in the Children's Room are for use by Children, age 11 or younger only or a child with an accompanying parent or legal guardian/caregiver.

Wireless Internet Access

The Library provides wireless Internet, accessible from all areas of the Library and its grounds. The wireless network is unsecured and patrons should use appropriate caution when transmitting personal information over unsecured networks.

Legal Information

The Library does not monitor Internet use and cannot be held responsible for its content.

As required to receive federal e-rate discounts and technology grant funding, effective July 2021, the Waterford Public Library, Inc. will implement the use of filtering software on public computers, Wi-Fi access and Wi-Fi hotspots to comply with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). CIPA requires that the Library limit children's access to visual images that are (a) obscene; (b) child pornography; or (c) harmful to minors. See more information on CIPA.

Filtering software may not block all material users might find offensive.

The Waterford Public Library, Inc. considers use of its public access computers to constitute acceptance of its policies, guidelines and regulations and reserves the right to take appropriate action to insure compliance. Any violation of the policies, guidelines and regulations may result in suspension or loss of privilege to use the Library's computers. Any illegal activity will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

Board of Trustees - November 9, 2021 - Approved