Waterford Donation Opportunities!

View the Waterford Donation Form (PDF).

Thank you for visiting the Town of Waterford Donations Page. We greatly appreciate anything you can give to help those in need in our community. Your generosity is always appreciated and makes a big difference in the lives of your neighbors and local community and helps support many our Town programs.

The Town of Waterford offers a wide variety of programs to support a healthy, active, and safe community for residents of all ages and interests. Many of these programs are made possible by the generosity of individuals, businesses, and community groups in Town and a selection of opportunities to give are outlined below. In fact, the Youth and Family Services Bureau coordinates several programs which depend entirely on community donations and contributions, such as the Food Bank and Fuel Assistance Program, while others leverage donations to provide special programs and purchase special furnishings or equipment.

Donation Opportunities

  • Community Events/Waterford Cares
  • Recreation and Park Programs
  • Human Services Food Bank
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Holiday Donations
  • Veteran's Programs
  • Senior Services Programs

How to Donate

All check donations should be made payable to the 'Town of Waterford' and may be dropped in the secure Drop Box located on in the rear of the Town Hall building or mailed to the Finance Department, Attn: Kim Allen, Director of Finance, 15 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT 06385. If you have any questions please reach out directly at 860-444-5842! (If using the drop box, please place the check in an envelope that is clearly labeled with the program name.)

Thank you for your support and generosity!