First Selectman’s Office

Rob Brule, First SelectmanI am honored to be the First Selectman of the town I grew up in and love. Under my leadership, the Town of Waterford will strive to promote and improve quality of life, enhance a sense of community, and preserve the integrity of our small-town identity and culture. We are committed to fostering respect, integrity, and honesty. Town government will support initiatives that create a welcoming and affordable environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. We will make every effort to provide excellence through a responsible and accessible First Selectman's Office.

Please consider following my Facebook Book page, Rob Brule, Waterford Selectman for daily information and updates. I will do my best to post updates and announcements on the town's homepage and email alerts to those who are signed up to receive them. For all questions and concerns, please call the office at 860-444-5834 or email me directly.

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