Waterford /East Lyme Shellfish Commission


Waterford-East Lyme Shellfish Commission

Scallop season will open

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Scallop season will close:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The taking of Scallops will be allowed between the hours of:

9 a.m. to Sunset ONLY

Permit Cost:   Seasonal Scallop permits two gallons per Day ……. $35.00

Limit: The daily limit shall not exceed two gallons per person holding a permit.

Location:   The ONLY area will be the Niantic River from the south side of Boston Post Road to the north side of Route 156 Sandbar and Bridge.  The Niantic Bay is not open to scalloping.

Residency: Permit holders will be limited to residents of the State of Connecticut.

Method: The method used will be spot taking from a boat, by looking through a spotter, hand held or attached to the boat.  The spotter will have a minimum six inch area viewing window that will be of clear glass or plastic and a minimum height of twelve (12”) inches.    No culling will be done at dock or landing; sorting of legal and undersize scallops shall be done immediately with seed scallops returned to the water alive.  A ring net eight (8”) inches maximum diameter with a pole twelve (12’) foot maximum length is the only type to be used with spotter.  It is prohibited for boats to be propelled by motor, oars, pole, etc. while harvesting of scallops. 

Identification of adult:    The scallop must be an adult with a clearly defined growth ring.  Scallops without a clearly defined growth ring are not adults regardless of the size.

Fine:  Any person who violates any provision of these regulations shall be fined not more than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) upon conviction as the court may set down. Upon conviction the court may order that such person shall not be entitled to a permit or license to take scallops, oysters and clams from the Niantic River until the beginning of the second season the river is opened by the commission following such conviction.  You agree to pay the following:   NSF or Returned check will be charged a $35.00 fee and any collection cost.

The population of adult scallops is unknown

Permits purchased at your own risk; no refunds


Sales Outlets: Waterford & East Lyme Town Clerk’s Offices


Niantic River Area A

(Area B closed )

East Lyme Harbor Management/Shellfish Commissions

Niantic Bay Area E & Approved Areas

(Area F closed )

Clamming Permit Fees
Daily – Resident      $5
Daily – Non-resident  $10
Seasonal – Resident  $35
Seasonal – Non-resident $50
Seniors – Seasonal Resident  $25
Seniors - Seasonal Non-Resident$35


Permit Sale Locations:

  • Waterford and East Lyme Town Clerk's Office
  • Hillyer's Bait & Tackle Shop, Waterford
  • Mackey's Bait & Tackle Shop, East Lyme
  • Mago Point Marina, Waterford


  • Children under 16 accompanied by a permit holder may help gather shellfish.  Total Shellfish taken not to exceed single permit limit.
  • Senior age qualification – 62 years
  • Resident is inhabitant in Towns of Waterford and East Lyme with Photo ID.

Board Members

Name Title
J. Patrick Kelly (R) Vice Chair / Treasurer - Term: 6/1/17-5/31/21
Lawrence J. Tytla (D) Term: 6/1/18-5/31/22
Betsy Gelinas (R) Term: 6/1/16-5/30/20
Marcia Benvenuti Term: 6/1/17 - 5/31/21
Richard Chimel Chief Warden - Information Line 860-444-5812