Instructions For Paying Tax Bills Online

The following fee schedule applies to all tax payments made through this website.

  • Fees are charged to the taxpayer's bank account or credit card, depending on the payment method chosen.
  • ACH fees (Electronic check), paid directly from your bank account: Flat fee of $0.95.
  • Credit Card Fees: 2.95% of each bill charged, with a minimum fee of $1.95.
  • Pay by phone; 855-423-9332. Flat fee of $.95 plus the fee associated with the manner of payment (Credit Card, 2.95% or ACH, $0.95).
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Effective 8/1/2017: In order to obtain an immediate DMV release, your payment must be in cash or bank check. Payments by check will be held for 10 days and credit card payments will be held until the payment is received in the Town's bank account (approximately 3 business days).


1.) Click button below: "Pay/View Tax Bill" which is also on the District home page.

2.) In "Search By" window, drop down to choose by name. (Property location, bill number, unique ID, and list number can also be used, but we recommend using search by name). Then enter search criteria in window to the right, and click on "Search".

3.) Bills appear on next screen. Click on shopping cart icon to the right of a bill to be paid. Click on "Add To Cart".

Repeat for other bills to be paid.

4.) When all bills have been selected, click on button under Shopping Cart in upper right corner of screen.

5.) Click on "View Cart" or "Checkout" button to see contents of cart, and terms and conditions of payment. Can choose to remove a bill or bills before proceeding.

6.) Click on "Pay Now" button in lower right corner of screen. You are now directed to the Invoice Cloud payment site. Here you can register and sign up for paperless billing, scheduled payments, email reminders and securely save your payment information;

or you can make a one-time payment.

7.) Select a payment method (credit card or EFT check). Enter or verify all required information: name, address, and input your e-mail address for payment confirmation. Click on "Continue"

8.) Enter other payment amount or continue.

9) Verify payment information and click "Process Payment"