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The Tax Collector's Office provides billing and collection of real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes. Taxes are billed and collected semi-annually on real estate and annually on motor vehicles
and personal property.



The DMV, and Motor Vehicle Registrations
The Department of Motor Vehicles has been in the process of reviewing registrations on all motor vehicles in the state for lapses in those registrations. All Assessor's Offices in all towns/cities in the state are now receiving data files for adding any car that had a valid registration that was interrupted and failed to generate a tax bill between the 2019 and 2020 grand lists. What this means is that you may be receiving a new tax bill that you were not expecting, but that you should have received in the appropriate tax year. Our office is double checking in order to make sure that you are not receiving a previously issued tax bill.

This situation may also mean that you could receive an adjusted tax bill for the January Supplemental partial-year tax bill that you have already paid
because the DMV is correcting it to a full-year bill. Neither the Tax Office nor the Assessor's Office were notified of this situation and we understand that this may cause some hardships if you are to receive tax bills for two years that you now need to pay within the 30 day pay timeline. Even under this very unusual situation, we must conform to the state statutes that govern all tax billings.


IRS Payment Reports

Now that we are past the January collection period, many of you are starting to prepare your taxes. The report for all the taxes that you paid in calendar year 2021 is available to you in several ways. You can come into the Tax Office and we can print one for you or you can print it out from your home. On the left side of this webpage, there is a link for the IRS Payment Report. That will give you all of the instructions necessary for you to print your own copy.

Remeber that all current tax bills start with 2020! That is the current grand list year, there are no bills referencing the calendar year of 2021.
That is not how the billing numbering works. Getting your payment report is very similar to accessing your current bills on our website, you just have to
select the IRS payment report bubble on the search screen.


Do You Need A Release At DMV?

Follow the 10-3-0 Rule!!
10-Day Hold on Personal Checks;
3-Day Hold On Online Payments;
0-Day Hold On Cash Payments or Certified Checks.
If you need an immediate release at DMV, please let us know!

Payments through our authorized collection agency, Rossi Law Office, can be made by credit card without additional credit card fees. There is a 24 hour hold on ALL payments made to the collection agency. Please take this into consideration if you need a DMV release.

If you have any questions, please call our office at



A dropbox has been placed at the back entrance of Town Hall.
Tax payments or other mail for Town Hall departments may be placed in the box.
It will be checked on a regular basis throughout the business day.

Please remember that items placed in the dropbox are NOT DATED or time-stamped so if you have a time-sensitive event, please make sure that there is a postmark or other date-specific, legal marking on your item; otherwise you should mail the item so that it has a legal postmark.



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There are no separate taxing districts in the Town of Waterford
For information on sewer billing, call the Waterford Utility Commission: 860-444-5886

For information on water billing, call the City of New London: 860-447-5222

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alan Wilensky Tax Collector (860) 444-5815
Diana Wall Accounts Receivable (860) 444-5816
Laura Brackett Accounts Receivable (860) 444-5816