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Stay "in the know" by signing up for almost due notices and e-alerts for news and announcements.

Almost Due Notices

The library can e-mail you when items checked out at Waterford are “almost due”. You will also receive e-mails when the books you’ve placed on hold become available and when items are overdue.

Please note: if you choose to receive notices via e-mail, you will no longer receive other notifications. Once you sign up, please add [email protected] to your address book so that the notices will go directly to your inbox. The Waterford Public Library is committed to protecting your privacy and does not share e-mail addresses with third parties.

To receive these notifications, please speak to a staff member or call us at 860-444-5805.

News and Announcements

It's easy to subscribe to library programs and events: click here to sign up for e-alerts and check the Library box under News or Announcement Updates. From there, you can also subscribe to all types of information from other town departments, boards, and commissions.

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