Jim Bartelli Appointed as Interim Director of the Utility Commission.

Long time Director Neftali Soto retires after 20 years of service

Thirty-seven years ago, Utility Commission Assistant Director, Jim Bartelli, started his career with the Town of Waterford as a Maintainer for the Waterford Water and Sewer Commission, currently referred to as the Utility Commission.  

In 1987, Jim was promoted to the role of System Operator.  In 1999, Jim was promoted to the role of Construction Coordinator for the Utility Commission.  Two years later, in 2001, Jim was promoted to his current position, Assistant Director of the Utility Commission.  In addition, Jim served as Interim Director of the Utility Commission from July 1, 2000 – October 16, 2000 and again from November 17, 2001 – April 22, 2002 in the absence of a Chief Engineer.

Jim’s knowledge, experience and progressive advancements in his various roles for the past 37 years has truly benefited the Town and prepared for Jim’s third appointment as Interim Director.  From Jim’s early days of hands-on system maintenance, construction design, engineering, management to ultimately department administration, Jim has acquired valuable knowledge of the Town’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure System. 

Jim has built a team of talented staff and Maintainers, earned the respect of his peers in neighboring communities and has solidified an excellent working relationship with the Utility Commission and Department Heads in town. 

“I appreciate the effort and unwavering support Jim has provided the Utility Commission and the Town of Waterford,” said First Selectman Rob Brule.  “Jim represents the very best in our town and I have all the confidence in his ability to continue the mission of the Utility Commission and his commitment to operate the town’s water wastewater systems to the highest standards.”

~Rob Brule, First Selectman