DASH Scholarship Application

Dynamic Sun1Camp DASH is dedicated to offering enriching experiences to young individuals, empowering them to discover their potential and thrive. As we strive to make our program accessible to as many deserving youth as possible, we understand the financial constraints that some families may face. Due to the limited availability of funds, we have implemented a scholarship process to ensure equitable distribution.

To protect the integrity of our application system and maintain a fair selection process, we have introduced a password protection mechanism. Applicants are required to contact our dedicated WYFS staff to obtain the necessary password. By doing so, we can provide a secure and streamlined application experience for all interested participants.

We encourage individuals who require financial assistance to call and speak with our WYFS staff to obtain access to the scholarship application process. Our team is dedicated to helping deserving candidates navigate the application requirements and ensure that every opportunity is extended to those who need it most. Together, let's unlock the doors to a transformative summer experience at Camp DASH.
 Please give us a call at 860.444.5848

Click here to apply.