Mission - Values - Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Waterford Public Library is to help the citizens of Waterford to enrich their lives through access to the ideas, information, and entertainment available from books as well as from a variety of other resources. To this end, the Library provides an array of materials, services and professional assistance, as well as facilities for the support of educational, civic and cultural activities.

Our Values

At the Waterford Public Library, our values define what we stand for and guide our judgments and actions. We communicate these values to our community and invite the community to hold us accountable to these values.

We believe in intellectual freedom, pursuit of personal interests, confidentiality of records, and accessibility to all as articulated in the Library Bill of Rights promulgated by the American Library Association. Specifically:

  • Library service, books and other materials are chosen for values of interest, information and enlightenment of all the people in our community. We do not exclude materials because of race or nationality or the social, political or religious views of the authors.
  • We provide books and other materials presenting varied points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times; no materials are proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.
  • We challenge censorship in order to maintain our responsibility to provide the public with information and enlightenment.
  • We cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.
  • We do not deny the rights of an individual to use the library because of age, race, religion, national origins or social or political views.

We are an institution of education for democratic living. As such, we welcome the use of our meeting rooms for socially useful cultural activities and discussion of current public questions.

We value literacy, the written word, and lifelong learning. We value other forms of intellectual and artistic expression. We value the opportunity for personal and intellectual growth and foster a stimulating environment here at the Library.

We value trust, honesty, responsibility, and respect. We encourage open and candid discussion among staff and among trustees as we perform the work of the Library.

Quality customer service is our hallmark. We value courtesy, helpful and friendly service, patience, and the display of interest and enthusiasm for all patrons' needs. We value our role as information providers, helping patrons discern the quality and accuracy of information.

We value teamwork within the Library and collaboration with community groups, businesses and government.

We value quality leadership and continuous quality improvement in all that we do. We value innovation and respect the freedom to fail because that is essential to progress. We value wise and prudent use of resources.

We value technology as a tool even as we honor personal service and a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere here at the Library.

We are sensitive to community values.

Our Goals

Goal Number 1: The Library as 'Place'

The Waterford Public Library serves as the destination place for people of all ages to find educational, informational and recreational materials that will enrich their lives. The Library provides a wide array of materials, programs, services and professional assistance and a safe, clean, comfortable attractive environment for public and staff.

Goal Number 2: The Library as 'People'

People in Waterford consistently receive quality library service provided by well-trained, dedicated, knowledgeable and customer-oriented staff.

Goal Number 3: The Library as 'Community'

The Waterford Public Library is a customer-centric organization committed to providing the community with the collections, programs and services it needs and wants. The Library through outreach and marketing efficiently and effectively communicates its mission.

Goal Number 4: The Library as 'Enterprise'

The Waterford Public Library is committed to working with the Town of Waterford to provide support for the optimal operation of the Library. The Library will continue to explore fund development opportunities to enhance Library programs and services. The Waterford Public Library ensures that its policies and procedures reflect its mission, goals and values.