Mission - Values - Goals

Our Mission*

The mission of the Waterford Public Library is to enrich, educate and connect our community through discovery and access to ideas, information, technology and entertainment.

Our Values*

At the Waterford Public Library, our values define what we stand for and guide our actions.

We believe in intellectual freedom, confidentiality of records, and accessibility to all, as articulated in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Principle.

We value literacy and lifelong learning.

We value trust, honesty, responsibility, diversity, equity, inclusivity, and respect for all.

We value responsive and friendly service, focused on individual needs in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

We value teamwork, collaboration, and community engagement.

We value helpful and skilled staff and leadership, and continuous quality improvement in all that we do.

We value innovation and flexibility.

We value sensible and sustainable use of resources.

We value providing a space for community to gather and foster open discussion and self-directed learning.

We value community outreach.

*Mission and values adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, November 14, 2023

Our Goals

Goal Number 1: The Library as 'Place'

The Waterford Public Library serves as the destination place for people of all ages to find educational, informational and recreational materials that will enrich their lives. The Library provides a wide array of materials, programs, services and professional assistance and a safe, clean, comfortable attractive environment for public and staff.

Goal Number 2: The Library as 'People'

People in Waterford consistently receive quality library service provided by well-trained, dedicated, knowledgeable and customer-oriented staff.

Goal Number 3: The Library as 'Community'

The Waterford Public Library is a customer-centric organization committed to providing the community with the collections, programs and services it needs and wants. The Library through outreach and marketing efficiently and effectively communicates its mission.

Goal Number 4: The Library as 'Enterprise'

The Waterford Public Library is committed to working with the Town of Waterford to provide support for the optimal operation of the Library. The Library will continue to explore fund development opportunities to enhance Library programs and services. The Waterford Public Library ensures that its policies and procedures reflect its mission, goals and values.