The Town of Waterford Purchasing Department is committed to the procurement of quality goods and services in a cost-effective and timely manner while adhering to legal and ethical requirements as established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations, sound internal controls and professional purchasing principles.

The Town of Waterford Purchasing office protects the interests of the Town of Waterford taxpayers and is responsible for assuring fair and equitable treatment to all vendors. The Purchasing Agent is charged with the responsibility of procurement of all supplies, materials, and equipment required and contracts for all services. All competitive solicitations are also handled by the Purchasing Agent.

The Purchasing Department is dedicated to providing quality support to The Town of Waterford departments and vendors. Our goal is to make the best investment of tax payer resources through the proper purchasing of goods, materials and services consistent with the quality needed to provide the best service to the Town of Waterford residents.

Purchasing strives to maintain the highest ethical and legal standards to ensure a fair, transparent and progressive procurement processPurchasing is committed to purchasing through best practice purchasing methods that promote cost savings and improve operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Purchasing Department is responsible for the distribution, sale and/or disposal of surplus goods and materials.