Car Taxes, What to do if you no longer have your car

Car Taxes

What to do if you no longer have your car.

Car taxes cover the time frame of October 1 through September 30. The bill you receive in July is for the previous 9 months and the coming 3 months. If you have changed cars or disposed of a car during this timeframe, you may be eligible for a proration of your tax bill depending on what has happened to your vehicle.

TWO forms of proof are required to obtain a proration. The license plate return form from the DMV and…

I traded my car in on another vehicle and I transferred my license plate to the new car: You don’t have to do anything. The new car’s tax bill will reflect any credit that you have on the previous vehicle.

I traded my car in on another vehicle and I got new license plates: A copy of the purchase agreement.

I sold my car to another person: The bill of sale or proof of cancellation of insurance from your insurance company. If you sold or transferred the car to an immediate family member and took advantage of the state sales tax exemption, you are not eligible for a property tax proration.

 My car was totaled in an accident: A letter from the insurance company.

My car was repossessed: A letter from the bank or repossessing company.

 My car was junked: A receipt from the junkyard.

 My car was donated: A letter from the organization that received your vehicle.

My car was stolen: A letter from your insurance company.

I moved out of state: A copy of your out-of-state registration.