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The Tax Collector's Office provides billing and collection of real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes. Taxes are billed and collected semi-annually on real estate and annually on motor vehicles and personal property.

Delinquent Taxes,
I Received a Demand Notice!

     Although this sounds omenous, a Demand Notice is simply a delinquent statement that includes the required statutory language in order for the tax office to protect the town's authority to collect past-due taxes.

     If payment of taxes is not received after the Demand Notice is sent, the next phase of a town's tax collection procedure is the use of a collection agency or a State Marshal. The agency or the Marshal is given the list of a town's delinquent taxpayers and he/she has the authority to collect the taxes. Both entities charge the taxpayer a fee for collection of the tax and they also have the statutory authority to attach bank accounts, sieze property and garnish wages. If payment cannot be collected by these means, the town might then move forward by taking legal action against the taxpayer.

     These actions may sound drastic, but they are the legal means by which a town may have to proceed in order to ensure the collection of the taxes that have been levied.



Instructions For An IRS Payment Report

You are now able to get a payment report showing all of your tax payments for the previous calendar year that you can use for preparing your income tax return.

- Go to

- Go to "Departments" and select Tax Collector.

- Select "Pay/View Tax Bill", this will take you to the instruction page.

- Select "Pay/View Tax Bill", this will bring you to the tax bill search page.

- Enter your last name and first initial in the search criteria oval and then click the "IRS Payment Records For Year 2017" bubble directly below the search oval. Click "Search".

- In the green header bar, select the IRS checkbox.

- A new box entitled "View IRS" will appear above the green header bar, select this box.


This will provide you with a detailed and printable report for your records. Remember that your bills may be in different people's names (a car may be in your spouse's name) so you may need to generate more than one report.
If you have a leased car, it will not show up in your report because the vehicle is registered to the leasing company.

If you need additional help, please call the Tax Office at 860-444-5816.


Removal of a DMV Hold

In order to obtain an immediate release of a DMV hold on a registration, your delinquent tax bill(s) must be paid in cash or a bank check. Payment by personal check will result in a 10 day hold before the release is processed; online payments will result in a 3-5 business day hold.

If you have any questions, please call our office at



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There are no separate taxing districts in the Town of Waterford

For information on sewer billing, call the Waterford Utility Commission: 860-444-5886

For information on water billing, call the City of New London: 860-447-5222


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alan Wilensky Tax Collector (860) 444-5815
Diana Wall Accounts Receivable (860) 444-5816
Laura Brackett Accounts Receivable (860) 444-5816
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