Waterford Beach Picnic Pavillions


revised 9/2012

All fees for out of town groups are doubled

Waterford High School Pool:

Regular Hours:   

  • $50.00 per first hour
  • $100.00 for two hour use
  • $120.00 for three hour use

Pool Parties:

  • Saturday: $100
  • Sunday:   $125

(fees include 2 lifeguards)

Overtime Hours:       

  • $90.00 per first hour
  • $140.00 per two hours
  • $220.00 per three hours use

Lifeguard Fees:

  • $15.00 per hour.

​Quota of guards will be determined by Recreation and Parks

Any additional custodians required will increase each fee by $45.00 for three-hour call out

Waterford High School Auditorium:   

$225.00 per hour for use of the facility

Additional fee for Auditorium Supervisor of $40.00 per hour

Additional lighting, sound help, etc. $15.00 per hour per helper

All gymnasiums:

$50 per hour

Saturday’s time and half, Sunday’s double time
Classrooms (all schools)


  • $31.00 for first hour
  • $19.00 for each additional hour


  • $60.00 first hour
  • $20.00 for each additional hour
Band Room, Waterford High School
Same as classroom  
Cafeterias (all schools)
  • $31.00 first hour
  • $19.00 each additional hour

Kitchen used:

  • $110.00 first hour
  • $25.00 for next two hours of use
  • $55.00 per hour, beyond three hours

Plus fee for kitchen worker


  • $65.00 first hour
  • $25.00 each additional


Specialty Rooms:


  • $31.00 first hour
  • $19.00 each additional


  • $65.00 first hour
  • $15.00 each additional

$100.00 Large Room (could be 2 hours or 12 hours)

$31.00 Arts/ Crafts Room/Conference Room/Dance Room for first hour, per day

$19.00 Arts/Crafts Room/Conference Room/Dance Room for each additional hour per day

$50.00 per hour for use of Gym


Monitor for Community Center Fee:

Straight Time:  $15.00 per hour

Holidays:  $ 30.00 per hour

Major Holidays: $45.00 per hour (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years  Day)

The Monitor fee is used when a monitor has to be called in and open the building. The monitor must stay at the building the entire time the group is there. That means from set up (decorating) and closing (including cleaning). Each group is responsible for their own set-up and breakdown. The monitor will help in the process of cleaning up, but the group does not walk away leaving the facility in disarray.

Lifeguard Fee: $15.00 per hour, minimum of two lifeguards 

If equipment is damaged and does not meet the minimum amount on a claim the individuals are responsible for replacing and/or fixing such equipment. Any out of town organization or individual wishing to rent a town facility is required to present an insurance policy naming the Town of Waterford and/or Board of Education as the secondary holder and the amount is $1,000,000.00. However, if the group wishes to use the High School Auditorium the insurance policy must be for $5,000,000.00.

Waterford High School Artificial Field:

WTFD Resident and Non- Profit Group:  

  • $100.00 per hour for field 
  • $50 per hour for lights
  • $50 for 2 hours for stadium supervisor

Waterford Recreation and Parks or Waterford Co-sponsored group

No fee for field, no fee for lights, must pay the $50 for 2 hours for stadium supervisor.  Recreation and Parks that fee comes out of Community Use.  Co-sponsored must pay.

Each group using the facility MUST supply a certificate of insurance naming the town of Waterford/Board of Education as the secondary holder and additionally insured.

Out of Town and Profit Group:

  • $200 per hour for out of town nonprofit
  • $250 for out of town and/or profit group
  • $50 for lights
  • $50 for use of score board
  • $50 for 2 hours for Stadium Supervisor.
Grass Ballfields:
Baseball Fields/ Softball Fields, Soccer Fields that are not artificial turf:

Fee is $20 for 2 hours for  residents

Out of Town fee is $40 for 2 hours (insurance certificate needed)

Lining of fields cost is $95.00


Waterford Beach Park Pavilions

Parks fee's still pertain during the beach season. Check rules and regulations on fee's. 

 $40 for per shelter for residents

$80 per shelter for out of town residents