Stormwater Regulations

Stormwater Regulations

Did you know that a variety of human activities have the potential to pullute Connecticut's ground and surface water resources?


These human activities, such as fertilizing the lawn or washing the car, increase runoff and often contribute pollutants to the runoff that may end up in surface waters or can infiltrate into groundwater.  If pollutants from these nonpoint sources are in high enough concentrations, the surface or groundwater may become impaired.  In Connecticut, stormwater runoff from urban areas and construction activities are two of the most significant categories of nonpoint source pollution.


The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has worked to develop programs, technologies and legislation with both local and national significance that are protective of water resources, and is currently leading a national pilot program to monitor nonpoint source pollution at residential development sites.  Annually the Town of Waterford submits an Annual Stormwater Report to DEEP.  The Stormwater Management Plan for the Town of Waterford is available for review here on this site, in the Planning & Zoning office at the Town Hall (15 Rope Ferry Road) or at the Public Works Office (1000 Hartford Turnpike)

Town of Waterford Annual Report

Town of Waterford Stormwater Management Plan

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