Waterford’s Planning and Zoning Commission is updating rules for development in and around the town’s “Civic Triangle.” The Civic Triangle includes land around Town Hall and other municipal buildings, as well as private properties along Boston Post Road, Avery Lane, and Rope Ferry Road. The new zoning would provide opportunities for a wide range of small scale commercial and residential development.  Our goal is to allow new development that would compliment public uses and open space.  The new zoning is a step toward a more walkable, vibrant town center envisioned in the 2014 “Waterford Town Center Vision and Strategic Plan.”


Draft Regulations, Revised March 6, 2017

Draft Zone District Boundary


The Planning Department hosted a public meeting on February 16th at Town Hall to discuss the proposed regulations. Revisions to the draft regulations were made in response to comments received between February 16th and March 1st.  Based on the feedback received to date, an application will be prepared for the Planning and Zoning Commission to review. The application is a formal step toward adopting these regulations.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the regulations. We encourage you to attend hearings or submit comments in writing to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  


Anticipated timeline:

March 13, 2017: The Planning and Zoning Commission may receive the zone change application and schedule a public hearing. There is no public comment at this meeting.

March 27, 2017: This is the earliest date the Commission could schedule a hearing. The actual date of the hearing will be posted when it is set by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Public Hearing for consideration of the Civic Triangle Zone Change will open at the Planning and Zoning Commission Special Meeting on March 28, 2017.


Please contact Abby Piersall, AICP or Mark Wujtewicz with any questions. 

Note: We will be drafting updated zoning for Jordan Village in the coming weeks.