Historic Properties Commission

Mission Statement

In order to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the Town of Waterford, the Historic Properties Commission's purpose shall be the preservation and protection of buildings, archaeological sites, landscapes, and places of historic and cultural significance and their settings in Waterford, Connecticut, recognizing such as landmarks in the history of the town, state, or nation.

Board Members

Name Title
Vivian A. Brooks (U) (11/1/13 - 10/31/18)
John J. O'Neill (D) (11/1/16- 10/31/21)
William J Whelan Jr. (U) (11/1/14 - 10/31/19)
Robert M. Nye Municipal Historian (11/1/16-10/31/21)
Eileen Olynciw (11/1/17-1/31/22)
Debra Walters (11/1/15-1/31/20)
Patrick Crotty Alternate (11/1/14-10/31/19)