Elected Officials

Board of Selectmen
Elected - 4 years effective     11/16/15
Daniel M. Steward, First Selectman (R)
Robert J. Brule (R)
Marc Balestracci (D)
Town Clerk
Elected - 4 years - effective 1/4/16
David L. Campo (R)
Town Treasurer 
Elected - 4 years effective 01/2016
Bernard J. Pisacich (R)
Tax Collector
Elected - 4 years, effective 11/16/15
Alan Wilensky (R)
Board of Finance
Elected - 4 years - Staggered  
Ronald R. Fedor (R)
Mark E. Geer, Jr (R)
Anthony Jessuck Jr. (R)
Cheryl Larder (D)
Glenn Patterson (D)
John W. Sheehan (D)
James Reid (R)
Board of Education
Elected - 4 years - Staggered
Greg Benoit(D)
Marcia Benvenuti (D)
Miriam Furey-Wagner (D)
Joy M. Gaughan (D)
Amanda Gates-Lamothe (R)
Chris Jones (R)
Craig Merriman (R)
Jody M. Nazarchyk (U)
Deborah Roselli Kelly (D)
Board of Assessment Appeals
Elected - 4 years
Michael Buscetto, III (D)
Marilyn Lusher (U)
Gregg Swanson (R)

Judge of Probate: 
1/2015 to 1/ 2019
Mathew H. Greene, Judge of Probate
New London-Waterford Probate District
181 State St.
Municipal Building
New London, CT 06320
860-443-7121 (ph)
860-437-8155 (fax)


Zoning Board of Appeals
Elected - 4 years- Staggered
Anne Darling (R)
Joshua Friedman (D)
Catherine Newlin (R)
Michelle A. Kripps (D)
Thomas Malley (R)
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
Elected - 4 years
Daniell McCarty(R)
Darcy Van Ness (G)
Billy Gene Collins (G)
Representative Town Meeting
Elected - 2 years

First District: Town Hall

Timothy Condon(R)
Andrew Frascarelli (G)
Jennifer Mullen (D)
Calley Merriman (R) 
Michael Perkins (R)

Second District: Quaker Hill Elementary School

John Appicelli (R)
April Cairns (R)
Mark Olynciw (D)
Sharon Palmer (D)
Baird Welch-Collins (G)

Third District: Oswegatchie Elementary School

Michael Stankov(D)
Pat Fedor (R)
Paul Goldstein (R)
Joshua Steele Kelly (G)
Richard Muckle (R)
Elizabeth Sabilia (D)

Fourth District: Great Neck Elementary School

Carl D'Amato (G)
Thomas J. Dembek (R)
Susan Driscoll (D)
Ivy Plis (R)
Francisco Ribas (R)
Michael Rocchetti (R)

Registrar of Voters:

Julie Watson Jones (D)

Patricia L. Waters (R)


Note on party affiliations

  • (D) indicates Democratic Party
  • (R) indicates Republican Party
  • (WI) indicates Waterford Independent Party
  • (U) indicates Unaffiliated
  • (G) Green Party