Town Directory

Note that most Town Offices conduct regular business Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some offices may extend business hours during certain times of the year. For example, the Tax Collector may extend hours during periods when tax payments are due. Fire, Police, and Ambulance personnel, of course, are available for emergencies at all hours. However, call those offices to determine hours for conducting routine business. Agencies like the Waterford Public Library, Recreation and Parks Department, Youth Services Bureau, Senior Services Department, and others provide services at hours that differ than normal business hours. Again, please call those agencies to determine hours for conducting routine business.

Department Phone Number
Animal Control 860-442-9451
Assessor 860-444-5820
Building Department 860-444-5826
Building Board of Appeals 860-444-5826
Community Center 860-444-5882
Children, Municipal Agent for 860-444-5848
Conservation Commission 860-444-5813
Economic Development Commission 860-444-5813
Education, Board of 860-444-5801
Elderly, Municipal Agent for 860-444-5839
Emergency Management 860-442-9585
Environmental Planner 860-444-5813
Ethics Commission 860-444-5834
Fair Housing Coordinator 860-444-5839
Finance, Board of 860-444-5842
Finance Department 860-444-5842
Fire Services, Director of 860-440-0544
Fire Non-Emergency 860-442-5332
Fire Companies  
Cohanzie Fire Company 860-442-0455
Goshen Fire Company 860-443-6260
Jordan Fire Company 860-443-6302
Oswegatchie Fire Company 860-442-0666
Quaker Hill Fire Company 860-447-3333
Fire Marshal 860-440-0544
First Selectman 860-444-5834
Flood and Erosion Control Board 860-444-0734
Harbor Master 860-442-9451 x303
Harbor Management Commission 860-442-9451 x303
Health, Ledgelight Health District 860-448-4882
Historical Properties Commission 860-444-5831
Historian, Municipal 860-444-5831
Human Resources Department 860-444-5832
Ledgelight Health District see Health
Library 860-444-5805
Personnel Review Board 860-444-5832
Planning and Zoning Department 860-444-5813
Police Commissioners, Board of 860-442-9451 x 303
Police Department 860-442-9451
Police Non-Emergency 860-447-1456
Public Works Department 860-444-5864
Purchasing Agent 860-444-0540
Recreation and Parks Commission 860-444-5881
Recreation and Parks Department 860-444-5881
Registrars of Voters 860-444-5838
Representative Town Meeting
Retirement Commission 860-444-5842
Selectmen, Board of 860-444-5834
Senior Citizens Commission 860-444-5839
Senior Services Department 860-444-5839
Shellfish Commission Waterford 860-444-2019
Shellfish Waterford/ East Lyme 860-442-3122
Tax Collector 860-444-5816
Town Clerk 860-444-5831
Town Hall 860-442-0553
Treasurer 860-444-5842
Utility Commission 860-444-5886
Waterford Ambulance Service 860-443-6302
Waterford Schools 860-444-5801
Waterford High School 860-437-6956
Clark Lane Middle School 860-443-2837
Great Neck Elementary School 860-442-2593
Oswegatchie Elementary School 860-442-4331
Quaker Hill Elementary School 860-442-1095
Youth Services Advisory Council 860-444-5848
Youth Services Bureau 860-444-5848
Zoning Board of Appeals 860-444-5813