Tax Assessor

Michael Bekech - 860.444.5820
Charles Lobacz - Assistant Assessor

To Email the Assessor’s office directly, please use the following:

The purpose of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list, and value all real estate, business personal property, and motor vehicles in a uniform, equitable manner, conforming to State and Federal standards and mandates. The established tax base provides for approximately one-half of the total Town budget; payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) provide for additional funding. PILOT fund applications are provided largely by the Assessor’s office, i.e. values generated and reported for properties owned by the State, , manufacturing facilities, as well as elderly, veterans and disabled homeowners.

The Assessor’s office conducts monthly sales ratio analysis reports for the State Office of Policy and Management, while maintaining and updating ownership and mapping records. Assessment information and technical assistance are provided to property owners, attorneys, developers, realtors, other departments and the Board of Assessment Appeals on a frequent and regular basis.

State law now requires revaluations every five years, which must comply with CT Standard Performance Regulations and meet several statistical tests of compliance.

This office also administers several local and state exemption programs, including: farm and forestry; veterans, blind and totally disabled; ambulance-type motor vehicles; commercial motor vehicles.

The Assessor's Department provides announcement of filing dates/criteria for several programs:

• Elderly Homeowners Tax Relief
• Personal Property Declarations
• Farm and Forest (Public Act 490)

• Veterans, Blind and Totally Disabled Taxpayers
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Ambulatory Type Motor Vehicles

• Documentation necessary for taxpayers to provide to receive motor vehicle credits
• Explanation of supplemental motor vehicle program
• Grand List totals; Top taxpayers lists
• Explanations/definitions of fair market value/revaluation process
• Legislative changes in any of above listed programs
• Fees for copies of maps, property record cards, etc.

Provisions of ownership information and assessments of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.
You may also visit our Valuation Assessments page to see the current assessment on your property

Assessor’s Real Estate information (Vision Appraisal)

Personal Property Declaration Forms for the October 1, 2014 Grand List

Application for Soldiers & Sailors Non-Resident Motor Vehicle Exemption

Application for Tax Exemption for CT Residents Who Are Members of the Armed Forces

Application For A Refund Of The Tax Paid On A Motor Vehicle Leased By A Veteran

Declaration of Personal Property- Full

Declaration of Personal Property - Short

Farm Machinery Exemption Application

Petition to the BAA- Revaluation

Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Exemption Claim

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